What I do

I translate exclusively from Dutch to English, my native language. The areas in which I work most are advertising, art, commercial texts such as press releases and business-to-business communication, in-house magazine articles, brochures, academic publications and websites. Projects range from a single line of advertising copy to book-length non-fiction.

Developing a text from scratch in English is often preferable to translating or editing an existing one. In close collaboration with you I can write your brochure, newsletter, article or other document according to your specific requirements.

You know what you want to say, but are you absolutely sure that you are saying it in exactly the way you intended? That your reader will not be confused by an unintentional ambiguity or a misplaced word? Texts written in English by non-native speakers can often benefit from revision by a professional editor. I am ruthless in the elimination of errors, Dunglish, wordiness and other problems that lead to ineffective communication. Additionally, some elements of tone and style are quite different in English than they are in Dutch: what may seem natural and innocuous to the Dutch writer may have an unexpected effect on a native English reader. I cast a critical eye over all these aspects of every text, so you can be confident that the end result will be impeccable.

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